Turbocharge your email marketing strategy by incorporating effective display advertising as part of your email marketing plan.

Email remains a fundamental component of the digital marketing landscape. It's an incredibly efficient way to reach new prospects and stay connected with your customers. Studies show that over 75% of consumers prefer to receive promotional offers via email than other forms of communication.


If you are new to retargeting that's ok, we can help you navigate the complexities of this powerful technique. Essentially, retargeting is a digital marketing technique that enables you to serve ads only to people who have previously visited your website or landing page.


Sounds complicated? Don't worry, retargeting implementation is straightforward and incredibly easy. It only requires the placement of a single line of code on your website, landing page or within the email HTML creative. This code allows you to tag a site visitor so that we can later serve them ads around the web.


Targeted, don't waste time placing ads all over the web when you can focus on individuals who showed an interest.

Expansive, by incorporating retargeting your display ads and brand will show up on a broader range of website.

Engagement, staying in front of a potential prospect can help you develop more brand awareness and familiarity.

Standout, many brands are just starting to catch on to the concept of retargeting so that means you can outshine your competitors.

Convert, yes conversation is the name of the game. By focusing on those who showed some interest, you will inevitably convert and close more sales.

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